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Unity For Everyone (UPT) exists to help you develop and maintain the spiritual path of your choice. 

If you decide to become a UPT congregant, you only need to register with us in the following form .  

Each congregant will receive a weekly email containing a video message, a meditation and music to watch and listen to whenever he or she wishes. You can even create, if you want, your own weekly service to see it when you want, or better yet, enjoy it with friends and family.

If you live near a Unity ministry, we encourage you to attend those services and use our website to intensify the indispensable and important experience of practicing your spirituality with people who share your spiritual point of view.

We only ask you to consider giving us your donation, not only so that we can continue our mission of taking the inspiring message of Unity to others, but so that your energy of prosperity is nourished. 

If you have already registered as a congregant and now wish to become more involved with Unity for All, you can do so by becoming a UPT member by clicking here .